About Us

Smart Mind Academy was engineered to provide comprehensive smart education for students and learners. We are striving towards high quality education system with smart mind academy through mnemonic science. Mnemonic science imparts new revolution in education system. It enriches student’s new technology to stand firmly in this competitive world. We believe that all children retain information better when teachers utilize different approaches for the various learning styles for students.

At SMA, we also recognize that children learn proactively when they are allowed to explore, create and work hands on in small groups rather than sit at desks for hours each day. Every child is unique. We embrace that fact. Life skills and Social skills can be modeled and practiced in a comfortable classroom setting so that behavior feels natural rather than forced.

Through our innovative approach to education we believe we can help children of all abilities find success not just in schools and collages but also in life. Smart Mind Academy imparts holistic, life time learning which empowers child to be architect of his life and an ambassador of good compassionate and productive citizenship.

Our Vision

To encourage students to think independently, to be passionate about what they wish to do and to value excellence. To be a learning mode throughout their lives. With knowledge, compassion, confidence and cheer, children must proceed to make world a better place from their inheritance.

Our Mission

To provide our students with an outstanding educative environment that is enjoyable, safe, happy, caring, sustainable, stimulating, enriching and stress free.